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An ISO 9001 approved company, AMIRIX provides technology solutions in the areas of high performance digital board design; programmable logic design; real-time operating systems and board software; as well as system architecture software and GUIs (graphical user interfaces). AMIRIX also specializes in embedded Linux and digital signal processing.
Debian is a free operating system. Debian uses the Linux kernel, but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project; hence the name GNU/Linux. Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a pure OS: it comes with more than 8710 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine.
The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) is a nonprofit, vendor-neutral trade association whose goal is the advancement, promotion and standardization of Linux throughout the embedded, applied and appliance computing markets.
Consulting and product development.
The Fedora Project is the free descendant of Red Hat Linux. Comprised entirely of open source software, Fedora Core is a Linux-based operating system developed as a collaboration of Red Hat engineers and the Linux community.
FSMLabs created the RTLinux and RTCore hard-real-time operating systems and is primarily a research and development and software support company. RTLinux is an operating system that handles time-critical tasks and runs Linux as its lowest priority execution thread. In RTLinux, a small hard-realtime kernel shares one or more processors with standard Linux. This allows the system to run accurately timed applications to perform data acquisition, systems control and robotics, while still serving as a standard Linux workstation.
This Linux distribution runs entirely from a bootable CD. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly, allowing them to fit 2 GB worth of system and programs on one CD, including a complete X server, KDE, and large packages like OpenOffice and The Gimp. Since it runs solely off the CD, Knoppix makes an excellent portable Linux demo or system rescue disk, but its completeness makes it a good general purpose distribution as well.
Levanta is the developer of data center-proven software for managing scale-out in the data center. The company, formerly known as Linuxcare, has long-standing expertise in data center operations and operating system design.
Formerly known as Lindows, Linspire is a full-featured operating system like Microsoft Windows XP or Apple Mac OSX. Linspire offers you the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with the ease of a windows environment.
Started in 1994, Linux Journal has become well-known as the Linux community's most trusted-source of information. Inside every issue of Linux Journal you'll find tips and tricks, in-depth tutorials, concise product reviews, insights from leading Linux personalities and much more.
Linux Online's mission is to encourage individuals and companies to use Linux.
This site is designed to serve as the primary Internet-based source of information, insight and news relating to Linux and Open Source security issues, and is driven by the security needs of Linux users.
The goal of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is to develop and promote a set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system. In addition, the LSB will help coordinate efforts to recruit software vendors to port and write products for Linux.
BlueCat Linux is a distribution of open source Linux, enhanced to meet the requirements of embedded developers. Targeted and tailored for embedded development and deployment, BlueCat Linux has been engineered to allow configuration to accurately match the requirements of embedded development from small devices to large-scale multi-CPU systems. BlueCat includes a royalty-free, open source Linux distribution, enhanced with LynuxWorks' cross-development and embedding tools that improve quality and reduce time for embedded development.
Mandrake Linux is a friendly Linux Operating System which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office. It is freely available in many languages throughout the world.
ScadaBase, offered by MODCOMP, collects, delivers and presents real-time supervisory control and data acquisition information accurately and quickly. Graphical displays assist plant operators with control operations to optimize processes in industrial and utility plants. Process information for engineers and managers is easily accessible.
Hard Hat Linux is not just another general-purpose Linux distribution. It is designed for the scalability, dependability and performance required of well-designed embedded systems. The most popular processor architectures used in high-end embedded systems today are x86, PowerPC, StrongARM and MIPS. Hard Hat Linux supports these and also adds architectures on a continual basis. MontaVista includes more than 60 Linux Support Packages (LSPs) plus a comprehensive set of development tools with its Hard Hat Linux. Hard Hat Linux supports a variety of capabilities exclusively for embedded applications. Back-plane communication allows multiple board-level systems to communicate over a common bus interface. Headless operation enables the embedding of Linux in a video display, keyboard or mouse. Networks can be installed and booted without the need for rotating media. The Flash memory file system supports rugged solid-state storage. Finally, run-time instrumentation makes it easy to monitor system integrity and performance.
Penguin Computing is dedicated to designing and producing systems that combine the best components with the reliability and price performance of the Linux operating system.
Red Hat Linux is probably the best-known Linux distribution. It is well-supported by commercial software, and tends to be easy to install and have good hardware support out of the box. Red Hat 9 is the last version of Red Hat Linux per se, and Red Hat will stop supporting it soon. Instead they offer a commercial Linux distribution, "Red Hat Enterprise Edition", and a free distribution, "The Fedora Project".
A volunteer project to help Linux become an operating system that the average user can install and operate easily.
SOLID SynchroNet uniquely delivers data synchronization and persistence for efficiently managing and synchronizing data across a network of distributed data stores.
Lxrun free software that allows Linux software to run under Solaris.
Largest Linux distributor in Europe. In addition to the Linux Operating System, SuSE offers a complete line of Linux business applications, games, and merchandise. Now a subsidiary of Novell.
The PEG (Portable Embedded GUI) library is a professional quality graphical user interface library created to meet the needs of embedded systems developers. Unlike the alternatives, PEG is small, fast, and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output. PEG also delivers exceptional visual appeal and an intuitive and powerful API for application-level user interface development.
Trustix Secure Linux is a Linux distribution aimed towards the server market. Its packages are carefully selected to provide the services in the most secure manner. It also includes an update utility named "swup" that can be used to easily upgrade as packages are patched.
The Jeode Platform is the result of over 12 years of commitment to virtual machine development and refinement. Sun-authorized compatibility combined with Industry leading accelerated performance and robustness make the Jeode platform the premier choice for adding Java technology to Internet appliances and embedded devices.
Linux for VMEbus embedded systems. The VMELinux Project's goal is to make Linux a sensible alternative for embedded VMEbus applications.
A complete Red Hat-based Linux distribution for the PowerPC architecture. YDL boasts a graphical installer, an automated updater program, and good hardware support.

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